Polaris-II spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of Mars.     Smitty the Navigator and Jimmy Perry in the Polaris-II Rocket Spaceship. The Space Explorers opening title credit. The Polaris-I rocket spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of the Planet Mars.  One of the Polaris spaceships returning to Earth.

List of Existing Websites About
"The Space Explorers" 1958 Film

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www.thespaceexplorers.com (Chuck's dedication site - created 02/2004)
www.cartoonresearch.com/faqx.html (Jerry Beck's FAQ page on The Space Explorers
- date unknown)
www.astronautix.com/articles/theorers.htm (Mark Wade's page on The Space Explorers - date unknown)
http://www.fantastic-plastic.com/PolarisIICataloguePage.htm (
Allen B. Ury's Fantastic Plastic Models - Polaris Rocket Space Ship)
http://project.mettavant.fr/kosmicfilm.htm (Claude Mettavant from France has a nice space and film website)



Note: The amount of content related to The Space Explorers series on the above websites varies greatly.  With only a few websites available, this is currently a very exclusive list.  If you find a new site, want to add your site, (or know of an existing site) please send it to the webmaster to be included here.

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