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Polaris-II spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of Mars.The famous smoking Polaris rocket.The Space Explorers opening title credit.polarisrockettowardthemoon_30p.jpg (4149 bytes)The Polaris-I rocket spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of the Planet Mars.

(Flight to the Moon - Soyuzmultfilm 1953)

This is a condensed video clip from the Russian animated cartoon "Polet na Lunu" ( полет на луна )
later used to make the American versions of "The Space Explorers" in 1958
and the "New Adventures of the Space Explorers" in 1959.


The rocket with the star on the tail shown above from the Russian animated cartoon is never fully seen from an outside perspective in the American version of "The Space Explorers" film.  The rocket shown above has large pods on either side and a large glass nosecone.


The 1953 Soyuzmultfilm film Polet na Lunu (Flight to the Moon) was used for all of the video scenes inside the rocket as well as some of the scenes outside the Polaris rockets.  There was no "educational" film footage in either of the two source movies.  All educational material used in "New Adventures of the Space Explorers" was added by being dubbed in, by animator Fred Ladd from an educational film known as "The Universe" (1951) by the late soviet director Pavel Klushantsev ( Павел Клушанцев ).  Other films by Klushantsev were:

1947 - Meteors - "Метеоры"

1951 - The Universe - "Вселенная"

1957 - Road to the Stars - "Дорога к Звёздам"

1963 - Planet of Storms - "планета бурь" or "Planeta Bur"

1965 - The Moon - "Луна"

BREAKING NEWS: It is rumored that a rare 16mm copy of a soviet era film by Russian director Pavel Klushantsev's 1951 film has been found in a film archive vault. The film will reportedly be authenticated and sold at auction in the near future to the highest bidder. The asking opening bid is rumored to start at more than one million dollars. Film collectors from all over the world will want to bid on this rare find. 
More details are available here

Another interesting fact is that the inspiration for "Polet na Lunu" was an earlier 1936 Russian film named "Cosmic Voyage" directed by Vasilij Zhuravlev and released by Mosfilm.

"Cosmic Voyage" (Космический рейс) 1936

Thanks to Claude Mettavant for bringing together the connection between these two films. Examine the parallels between these films and view other images and documentation from Claude Mettavant's website.


Weltraumschiff 1 Startet launching from its horizontal rails.

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