Polaris-II spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of Mars. The famous smoking Polaris rocket. The Polaris-I rocket spaceship leaving Diemos, one of the two Moons of the Planet Mars. polarisrockettowardthemoon_30p.jpg (4149 bytes)

Zeppelin Stamps (aka "ZEPS") 

The term ZEPPELIN is a name for airships, dirigibles or "blimps" that has passed on from generation to generation and on into legend. Many have forgotten the first man Ferdinand von Zeppelin, after whom these great old rocket-like airships were named.  Many people had no idea that the design for all of the animated films discussed on The Space Explorers website came from the early airships (or Luftschiff) designs as seen in these great old zeppelin postage stamps.

Three years after the demise of the LZ129 Hindenburg, the LZ127 and LZ130 were dismantled in 1940 ending an era of these great airships. But they have never been forgotten.  They are currently used for advertising, surveillance and weather (and at NFL football games).


A colorful collection of rocket zeppelin stamps